Buying a gallon of milk is a simple, one-way transaction. You give the clerk the money, and the clerk gives you the milk. You don’t need to prove to the clerk that you will be a responsible milk owner; the clerk won’t ask you to show your dairy score before giving you the carton. You don’t even need a receipt.

Shopping for a home is not quite as simple. It’s a two-way street. Not only do you want to find a home that is right for you, but you also want to demonstrate that you are the right owner for this home in order to get the best mortgage possible.

Let’s say you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage – congratulations! Now, during the process of house-hunting, it’s important to stay in good standing and demonstrate your continued financial health. Maintaining your credit score and the financial stability you had during the approval process is critical to quickly and smoothly finalizing your home loan.

How do you demonstrate continued financial health? Follow the five simple steps below to receive the best possible mortgage for your new home.

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Things You Should Do When Purchasing a Home