Owning a home is exciting. And your home is also a large investment. Here’s how to protect that investment.

Act fast if you get behind on your payments

If you fall behind on your mortgage, the company that accepts payments on your mortgage contacts you. This company is your mortgage servicer. Your servicer is required to let you know what options are available to avoid foreclosure. Talk to your mortgage servicer if you get into trouble, and call a housing counselor. HUD-approved counselors are professionals who can help you, often at little or no charge to you. Homeowners struggling to pay a mortgage should beware of scammers promising to lower mortgage payments. Only your mortgage servicer can evaluate you for a loan modification. If you suspect a scam you can call (855) 411-2372 or visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to file a complaint by clicking here.

Keep up with ongoing costs

Your mortgage payment is just one part of what it costs to live in your new home. Your escrow account holds your monthly taxes and homeowner’s insurance payments—but if you have no escrow account, you need to keep up with these on your own. Your home needs maintenance and repairs, so budget and save for these too.

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Published from Your home loan toolkit – A step-by-step guide by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau